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You are your child’s first teacher

Welcome to Connecting With Your Child

As a parent coach I provide 1-1 support and work with you and develop a plan to address any challenges you are facing whether you’re an expectant parent, a new parent, a parent of a toddler or teenager.

I offer a range of packages to suit both your needs, your family and your budget. Do you have difficulties in getting your baby/child to sleep, calming and soothing your baby, digestion issues; colic/reflux, behaviour issues, toddler tantrums, managing emotion’s, settling your child to nursery/school, nutritional issues, power struggles and much more.  

I provide the tools for you to raise and educate children to your best ability. I help you feel more confident in yourself and work with strengths within your family. We are all unique and how we approach parenting is unique to our needs and our child’s needs.


Parenting Coaching

The parenting coaching courses, sleep coaching, and parental support packages in Windsor in-person and for a wider area online on offer at Connecting With Your Child give parents the ability to become the best versions of themselves, and in doing so, give their child the positive parenting that they deserve. I’ve worked with countless parents in Windsor and online to help create a secure and healthy childhood for their children, and with a range of services available, you have the flexibility to come to classes which will benefit you the most. 


Everything that I do in the parenting courses is centred on you and completely tailored to your circumstances and situation, giving you a bespoke view of parenthood to help you and your child to grow a stronger bond. The early years of a child’s life are incredibly important to development, and at Connecting With Your Child, I believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of the prime years in the most beneficial ways that they can. Get in touch with me to find out more about how I can help you, whether in-person in Windsor or online.

Parenting Life Coach in Windsor

The parenting courses that I offer in Windsor and online give you a complete and comprehensive overview of parenting in a holistic manner, helping to inculcate better habits for you and to allow your child to develop in as healthy a manner as possible.

For help with the full range of parenting skills without shouting or yelling, make sure to think of Connecting With Your Child and see how I can work with you to ensure that you’re the best parent that you can be.

Get in Touch

Contact me to find out more about how I can help you with the full range of parenting techniques to help you to connect with your child in a calm and confident manner. As one of the leading experts in positive parenting and sleep coaching in Windsor, I’m here to answer any questions that you might have about the techniques and tips that I might give you, so be sure to get in touch to find out more about the different ways that you might be able to help your child. I can’t wait to start working with you

Did you know?

1 in 6 children are likely to have a mental health problem
In the last 3 years there has been an increase of 50% of young people likely to have a mental health problem

Over 50% of the UK’s 12-15 year olds have faced some kind of bullying, including cyber bullying
Bullying can start as young as age 4

703,000 people take their own life every year
Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15-19 year olds


Meet Taz

Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor,
MSc dissertation ‘positive parenting & brain development’

I help you connect with your child by creating a calm and reassuring space to explore parenting struggles without judgement.

Positive parenting is a way of developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between a parent and child based on communication and mutual respect.


All services/packages can be adapted to suit your needs. Please contact me to enquire.

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One-to-one Coaching

Would I benefit from one-to-one coaching? This is for anyone from new parents to parents of toddlers, teenagers, working parenting, stay at home parents, any struggles such as sleeping, behaviour, refusing to go to school, feelings of ‘am I a good enough parent’, any specific or family challenges you may need support with.

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Positive Parenting Course

Is this course for me? This course is for any parent who wants to understand their child deeper, gain confidence and move life forward positively for yourself and your family.

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Baby Massage & Calming Your Baby Techniques

These sessions are the perfect way to spend time with your baby and help your baby relax.  Learning to massage your baby is a lifelong skill that you can use as your baby grows and develops.

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Coaching/Support Packages

A range of packages are available for:
- Postnatal Coaching/Support
- Sleep Coaching/Support
- Weaning Coaching/Support
- Working Parent Coaching