Meet Taz

Paediatric Nurse, MSc dissertation ‘positive parenting & brain development’

I help you connect with your child by creating a calm and reassuring space to explore parenting struggles without judgement.

Positive parenting is a way of developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between a parent and child based on communication and mutual respect.

I help parents build resilience and confidence in their children so they are curious about the world around them and are able to manage challenges and stresses in positive way.

My main mission is to: 

Empower parents on their parenting journey

Support you in becoming more confident in your parenting approach

Support you in becoming more calm and less frustrated with a deeper understanding and connection with your child

Reduce mental health issues

Empower parents and society to manage the emotional needs and wellbeing of children in a positive manner

I am an advocate for positive parenting and bringing out the best in children and parents


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