All services/packages can be adapted to suit your needs. Please contact me to enquire.

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One-to-one Coaching

Would I benefit from one-to-one coaching? This is for anyone from new parents to parents of toddlers, teenagers, working parenting, stay at home parents, any struggles such as sleeping, behaviour, refusing to go to school, feelings of ‘am I a good enough parent’, any specific or family challenges you may need support with.

  • Tailored support to your individual needs of your child and your family

  • Personalised support, advice and guidance to overcome parenting challenges or behaviour challenges

  • Support you on your parenting journey

  • I work with parents to empower you to feel good in all aspects of parenting and be the best parent you can

  • I support you to increase your confidence and increase understanding and connection with your child.

  • Support you to raise, happy, resilient, confident children

  • I am committed to supporting parents lay the foundations for positive future mental health and wellbeing, positive parenting and communication is key

  • 60 minutes sessions of one-to-one sessions via video call, can be telephone if you feel more comfortable with this

  • Home visits available within a 6 mile radius of Windsor (SL4)

  • Sessions are available in a minimal block of 4 sessions.  This is a minimum requirement as parenting has several aspects which impact on one issue therefore to enable change behaviour a minimum requirement is 4 sessions

  • Confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment

Positive Parenting Course

Is this course for me? This course is for any parent who wants to understand their child deeper, gain confidence and move life forward positively for yourself and your family.

  • Learning how to build positive brain development in children

  • Developing resilience and confidence in children

  • Truly connecting and understanding your child

  • Explore your current style of parenting

  • Explore any current challenging behaviour or parenting challenges

  • Positive communication with children

  • Support children to regulate their emotions

  • Setting boundaries and consequences

  • Be the best parent you truly can be

  • This is a four module course which I have developed in order for you to parent with confidence, be calm and positive in all aspects of parenting

This is an online group course over 4 weeks (small groups) with access to a private Facebook group

The cost of the course is a special introductory offer of £149

The next course is on Wednesday 26th January 2022, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

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Baby Massage & Calming Your Baby Techniques

These sessions are the perfect way to spend time with your baby and help your baby relax.  Learning to massage your baby is a lifelong skill that you can use as your baby grows and develops.

Benefits include:

  • Relieving discomfort and digestion problems caused by colic, constipation and trapped wind.

  • Relaxing your baby and improving their sleep.

  • Giving you quality relaxed one to one time with your baby where you can get to know each other better.

  • Helping to understand your baby’s cues and how they are communicating with you.

  • Improve circulation and muscle tone

The sessions are baby led, friendly and informal, giving parents the opportunity to ask questions. You can book a private session for just yourself or with your partner or as a group of friends at home/online.

Postnatal Coaching/Support

Packages available – length of time depends on which package you take up depending on your budget and needs

Postnatal coaching can include:

  • A debrief from your birth experience

  • Feeding support: breastfeeding/bottle-feeding/combination feeding

  • Do you feel pressure keeping up with others, peer pressure? Feelings of guilt? Mums emotional and wellbeing support available

  • Improving your self worth and self esteem

  • Ways your partner or others can support you

  • Looking after yourself, nutrition, sleep and self care techniques

  • Setting a routine’s that work for you, your baby and family

  • Baby care (bathing, changing nappies, feeding support etc)

  • Ways to stimulate babies’ development including brain development

  • What milestones to expect and how to develop them

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Sleeping Child

Sleep Coaching/Support

Packages available – length of time depends on which package you take up depending on your budget and needs

Sleep is one of the primary needs for human development. Sleep builds a strong foundation for the immune system, behaviour development, emotional regulation and brain development in children. 

I provide sleep coaching to support good sleep habits with babies and children. Various packages available to suit yours and your child’s needs.

Weaning Coaching/Support

Packages available – length of time depends on which package you take up depending on your budget and needs

How to introduce solids to your child, careful planning of the nutrients in their food, to make sure they continue to develop and grow.

Explore new tastes and textures to help encourage babies/children to eat a range of foods, which helps make sure that their diet is balanced later in life.

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Working from Home

Working Parent Coaching

Packages available – length of time depends on which package you take up depending on your budget and needs

Whether you’ve just going on maternity leave or are returning to work – I provide coaching to help you transition to your new life and support you through the adaptation and change. 

We can explore childcare, work/life balance, time management, as well as building your confidence and discuss any areas of concerns you would like to work on.