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Walking in the Woods

Top Tips for Positive Parenting

  • Have quality time playing and having fun with your child – happy hormones are released both for you and them. One-to-one time even if it’s 10 minutes a day doing something your child likes makes a big difference. Try not to look at your phone or do anything else in this time. If your attachment is more secure then your child is less likely to act out as they will feel more safe and secure.  Undesired behaviour can be a result of a child feeling anxious or needing a little more security and they may act out to get your attention.


  • Every child is different and do not compare your child or yourself to others.


  • Try to communicate with your child when they do something good for example ‘thank you for helping mummy put the books away’, even if it’s something small, rather than focusing on negative behaviour. 


  • Be consistent and have some kind of routine – that works for you and your family. Children need routines and consistency as this enables them to feel safe, develop healthy habits and reduces stress.


  • Boundaries needs to be set - Unacceptable behaviour requires action - fair consequences. This role models and helps children learn what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.


  • Do not react straight away if you are feeling angry or frustrated with your child – count down from 10, walk away and think am I reacting appropriately? Shall I calm down and then see if this matters as much as I think it does. Take a step back… a big mess can be fixed, is the issue as big as you actually think? Children behave in different ways at different ages and some behaviours are part of normal development and they require our guidance and support. Are you already stressed due to other feelings?


  • You are your child’s role model and your child can copy negative behaviours as well as positive.


REMEMBER: No parent is perfect and this is a journey with highs and lows.  Good enough parenting is the aim and achieving perfectionism is stressful and unrealistic. Don’t let social media fool you!!! 

Woman Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

Self Care Tips and Mindfulness

Are you feeling tired often? Are you finding it hard to manage parenthood?

  • Give yourself a break.

  • You are the best parent – even if it doesn’t always feel like that.

  • Your child loves you and you are their world, even if their words and actions don’t always reflect this.

  • It’s okay to ask for help.

  • You are not a machine and also deserve to refuel your cup.

  • You can’t pour from an empty cup, what do you need to do to refuel yourself?

  • Can you make yourself a nice warm drink and close your eyes and think of your happy place. Perhaps get something you like to eat, look at the food, smell it, feels it texture and put it in your mouth and take time to chew it slowly and taste it. DON’T RUSH THIS. We all need to slow down.

  • The fast pace of life can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Calm and breath. Take a bath, light a candle and relax – self care is very important. You will thank yourself for it, so will your child.

Snack Time

Children and screen time

  • Excessive screen time can impact negatively on children's development including cognitive, emotional, and physical.

  • Screen time can impact on ability to fall asleep and can cause sleep disturbances.

  • There are ways you can have a balanced digital environment at home

  • Alternatives include age appropriate quality apps that have learning included.   

  • Try alternative games without screens that interests your child and reduces the dependancy of devices.

  • Quality leisure time promoting physical development and movement 

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