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Parenting Course

Positive parenting courses give you a foundation to better understand your child and to help you in the parenting journey to gain confidence in your own ability. With Connecting With Your Child, you can learn how to take on life as a parent in a positive and effective manner, giving you and your child and family the best platform to move forward with your child’s development in mind without shouting or yelling.

On the parenting course at Connecting With Your Child, you’ll learn how parenting can impact brain development in your child and how your work as a parent can help to build your child’s mental fortitude and resilience, alongside deepening your bond and connection with your child through a deeper understanding. 


The positive parenting course at Connecting With Your Child takes place online in small groups, and allows access to the official Facebook group.

The Parenting Courses That We Offer

At Connecting With Your Child, the positive parenting courses run twice a year - be sure to sign up as a new client and enjoy the benefits of expert parental training. 

Get in Touch

Contact me today to find out more about the parenting courses that I offer.  Whatever age your child, you could benefit from improving your skills and learning best practices to help benefit your child most effectively in a calm and collected way. I’m always more than happy to help with any questions that you might have about the parenting courses on offer, so if you have anything that you’d like to know, make sure to contact me as soon as possible. I can’t wait to start working with you and show you what a difference parenting courses can make to you and your child’s lives. 

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