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Family Walking On the Beach


"As a busy parent who found managing the expectations of my children frustrating and difficult. Taz was able to help me understand my children better, I learnt about how and when children mature emotionally and I gained insight into ways to stay calm and collective in moments of despair. Taz understands child development and was able to support me through what to expect and this helped me have a greater understanding of my child’s emotional state".

J Gibbs

"You have helped our family immensely. Our daughter was struggling with the transition to secondary school and friendship issues. She now feels much calmer and happier in herself.  The way you have inspired me to communicate has been incredible for our relationship. With her hormones and changes we now communicate in an effective way which has helped our family and her hugely".


"I'm so glad I decided to seek help. It was helpful discussing my son’s behaviour as I got a new perspective and have noticed a change in my son’s behaviour in a matter of weeks since seeking support. Taz was professional and non-judgemental. I feel more confident in my parenting decisions and have strategies which actually work. I shout less and have a stronger relationship with him".

A Atkins 

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